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Kickin' Corona Cruz 2021

Saturday, April 17th:

Corona Cruz 2020

Lincoln Southwest High School

Saturday, April 17, 2021, at 10 AM CDT

Price: Free

Public  · Anyone 


Calling all bikes, hot rods, trucks, heck whatever you want to show!!!

Midwest Rollers Car Club wants to kick off the year with a Cruz in Lincoln!

Yeah, I know Cruz isn't spelled right, but it looks cool!

We are going to raise money for Kaylean Marie Gentry, 30, of Firth, who passed away Monday, March 29, 2021, due to a motorcycle accident. She left behind 5 kids and a loving husband.


Her Obituary:


The GoFundMe:



Kaylean and her husband Brandon have been into car culture as long as they have been married.  They built a rat rod shortly after they were married from the car body that they bought from Kaylean’s family.  Both she and Brandon are the kind of people that would drop anything to help someone out.


Printable map attached.




View directions from Lincoln Southwest High School to Culver's via Pioneers Park Playground, Mahoney Park, and 1 other stop in Google Maps.



Interested in joining the club or sponsoring just click below:

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Todd Francisco