Honoring Mr. Rod, Cruise to Seward & O St.

Mark your calendars and start your engines. We are going to give Mr. Rod a visit at the Fallbrook Retirement Home first, If you don't know him, he was one of the originals that founded the Sonic and now the Culver's hang out. Then a short cruise to Seward, visit a few retirement homes while we are there, a pit stop at the Phillips 66 at 923 238th Rd, Milford, NE 68405, and then cruise O St.

We want to raise money for the FOOD BANK to donate $5.00 through PayPal to midwestrollerscc@gmail.com or bring it to the event and give it to a member of Midwest Rollers or go to https://www.lincolnfoodbank.org/donate in the comments put Midwest Rollers Car Club.

1:30 Meet at Culver's North 27th St.
1:45 Arrive at Fallbrook Retirement Home
2:00 Leave to Seward
2:30 Arrive in Seward
2:45 Arrive at Green Place, Brookdale, Ridgewood Retirement
3:15 Pit Stop Phillips - 66 923 238th Rd, Milford, NE 68405
3:30 Head back to Lincoln on Hwy 6
4:00 Arrive in Lincoln Cruz O St.
4:45 Arrive at Kohl's parking lot

Please practice social distancing and safe driving.

Seward, NE

Lincoln, NE

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